FREE Battery Testing

Know before you drive.

Getting your car or truck battery tested is like a battery health report. In just a few minutes, it can tell you the strength of your battery today and even predicts the temperature that will produce auto battery failure. No appointment needed. Just come on in and we’ll get you set up.

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What Affects
Battery Life?

Extreme temperatures

Vehicle type

Driving conditions

Vehicle power demands

Draw from accessories and plugins

Driving habits

Battery Life Expectancy

Batteries tend to have shorter life spans in extremely hot or cold regions, and are most likely to fail after an extremely hot summer or exceptionally cold weather. In Las Vegas, we’re prone to shorter battery lives due to our exceptionally hot summers.

  Extreme Cold - 51 months
  Cold - 56 months  
  Mild - 47 months  
  Heat - 41 months  
  Extreme Heat - 30 months  
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