Battery Recycling

Did You Know?

Interstate Batteries is the #1 auto battery recycler for all your home and business needs. With more than 65 years of experience in the battery industry, Interstate Batteries knows quite a bit about the right way to handle batteries. In fact, we recycle more batteries than we sell.

Not sure if your battery is recyclable?

Send us a message with a picture describing the battery you have and we can determine its recyclability.

About Interstate Batteries Green Standard

We take battery recycling seriously. We ensure proper handling and recycling of spent lead-acid batteries. The Green Standard is our system of proprietary recycling and battery handling practices designed to meet and exceed federal and state transportation and environmental regulations.

When you choose Interstate Batteries, your batteries are handled from start to finish in a closed loop system by Green Standard-certified personnel. These individuals are trained to ensure that batteries are properly and safely transported, stored and packaged, so they can be sent to an approved recycling facility.

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