Fleet Management

Interstate Batteries Keeps Your Fleet Up and Running Smoothly

Commercial equipment and industrial vehicles require heavy power, longevity and reliability to get the job done right. Interstate has you covered!

Outstanding Quality

Interstate batteries have been the auto tech’s choice for years because they are built to the highest industry standards. In fact, to maintain our legacy of excellence, Interstate Batteries has a testing lab that ensures we only distribute batteries we can stand behind. You benefit by getting long-lasting, dependable batteries that reduce your downtime and cost of ownership.

Fleet Service Know-How

We’ll help ensure the best fitment for RC and specifications beyond just the minimum CCA to maximize battery life and performance. Our technician training tools and industry-leading battery procedures for smarter preventative maintenance will keep your fleet on the move. Plus, with a fleet to manage, you can get more benefits with Interstate Batteries’ volume-based pricing.

More Benefits of Our Fleet Service

When you work with Interstate’s Fleet Service as a commercial customer, we provide customized consignment service, inventory optimization, product rotation, battery testing programs, merchandising support and more.

Nationwide Warranty

Our warranty is straightforward and dependable. It protects your customers wherever they go in North America, with over 10 times the locations of our competitors.

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