Interstate Batteries of Las Vegas is a wholesale distributor and retail store that supplies all types of batteries and accessories. We offer batteries for vehicles, motorcycles, boats, RVs and more to auto parts stores, tire stores, independent garages, mechanics, other retailers as well as nearly all auto dealerships under private label arrangements.

We also sell batteries and accessories out of our retail location. This includes power solutions for UPS systems, alarms, smoke detectors, lap-top computers, emergency lighting, cell phones, 2-way radios, lanterns, cordless power tools, watches and batteries for an array of battery-powered devices.

If you’re looking for batteries for toys, electronic devices and specialty items, as well accessories such as flashlights, car kits and emergency solutions, Interstate is the place to go.

Corporate &
Las Vegas History

Since 1952, Interstate Batteries has been evoking a compassionate, trustworthy spirit into our surrounding communities. With a history as rich as our brand, we have continually earned the trust of professionals through our ongoing devotion to quality and service. Our commitment holds steadfast to making a positive impact on our customers, team members and partners, now and for generations to come.

Interstate All Battery Center of Las Vegas was launched to fulfill consumers’ growing appetite at home and in business for portable power with our top-quality products and legendary service.

Our first store opened in 1998 and offered a world of power solutions for all facets of life. From the smallest hearing aid battery to huge industrial equipment battery, we provide quality products and services for all the ways people live, work and play. Today, we remain true to our commitment of continuously seeking new ways to deliver the most trustworthy products and services to customers – now and for generations to come.


Our business has always been about more than selling batteries – and we know the real power behind our batteries is our people. Interstate and its team members embody our Purpose and Values, which we are recognized for year after year.


Another trait that separates good companies from great ones is a real sense of purpose. The Interstate purpose is crystal clear: To glorify God and enrich lives as we deliver the most trustworthy source of power to the world.


Lofty? You bet! But we’ve being doing it for more than 60 years and think we have a knack for it.

The Values That Drive Us

LOVE. Treat others like you'd want to be treated.

SERVANT'S HEART. Lead with what people need.

EXCELLENCE. Do great things with the gifts you’ve been given.

COURAGE. Learn, improve and boldly drive change that matters.

FUN. Work hard, laugh often.

TEAM. Together, we’re better.

INTEGRITY. Be who you are and live up to your commitment.

We know having a fantastic culture and a strong sense of what the company stands for is a smart way to do business. Purpose-driven businesses create more value and tend to be more ethical and better for society. They tend to be more successful, too. At Interstate Batteries, we’ve been living our purpose for more than 60 years. By putting words around what we’ve known in our hearts for years, we’re able to get even better at it.

These are the values that drive our attitudes, behaviors and decisions when dealing with customers, vendors, the community and one another.


Interstate team members can expect a flexible work environment respectful of life-work balance that also offers opportunity to play a role in the transformation of a 68-year-old iconic brand.

Our frequent (at least quarterly) team member engagement surveys tell us that Interstate team members value working for a company with a purpose greater than just making money or selling batteries.

Team members enjoy our workplace flexibility (the ability to work from home or leave early to attend children’s events) and appreciate being able to bring their whole selves to a workplace that seeks to nourish not only their professional, but also their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The ability to work on progressive, innovative and often industry-changing projects also rates very highly on our surveys.

Why You Can Trust

  • The most trusted batter brand since 1952.
  • A company built on a legacy of integrity and strong values.
  • A local partner committed to serving the Las Vegas community.
  • Friendly experts you can count on, which means peace of mind.
  • Top-quality batteries and accessories at competitive prices, ensuring less downtime and more productivity.
  • Locally owned and operated. You know where to find us.
  • Exceptional wholesale commercial and fleet services.
  • Fast, on-time delivery.
  • We’ll come to you quickly when you’re stranded and need a battery.
  • Industry-leading recycling programs to help you maintain the environment, sustainability and compliance.
  • The best-in-class warranties in the business.

The nation’s #1 auto battery replacement brand.

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